Volunteers from October to November 2022

Catherine, Ana, (Nita), Tara and Sophie

Sister Catherine and Ana are from Belgium.  Sister Tara and Sophie are from Germany. Sister Ayla from London, Sister Laurie from France.

Sister Sophie


Thank you for letting me stay at your place for the past 3 weeks. Words cannot describe how I feel about this experience.

I am really sad that the time is already over but at the same time my heart is full of love and my mind full of lesson you taught me.

 I will forever be grateful and never forget your honest smiles and warm hugs. A special thanks also to the Didis for showing me their way of living and the inspiring conversations. I am very sure it won’t be a long time until we see each other again!

Lots of love, kisses and hugs!!

Sister Sophie

PS. Some of you asked me how it’s possible that I smile at all time the answer is: it’s because of you and the wealth warming environment you create here.

Sister Tara


Dear loving children and Didis

Before I came here, I read on your homepage that this experience will change my life for a better. After spending a few days here, I can already say, that I totally agree.

I will never forget how warm you welcomed me on my first day. Every kept saying: “Hello Sister” and I felt so overwhelmed by that.

I don’t know what my life will offer me in the future but spending 3 weeks with you will be one of my most beautiful, inspiring and formative times in my life and I will always look back to the birthday party we celebrated, dolphin watching, baking cookies, learning songs in English class, having fun in the water park and national water slide and so many other memories.

I hope one day I will raise my children to be as happy, independent, caring, helpful & down to earth as you are.

I promise to come back one day & visit you again.

SAMPAI NANTI & lots of love hugs,

Sister Tara:)

Sister Ana

Dear Children and Didis

Thank you so much for welcome us in your home. I am so grateful for the wonderful moments with all of you. This is really the highlight of my trip here. The children gave us so much love and joy, unconditionally! They take care of one another and are so independent. I was very impressed. Thank you Didi for the home you gave us, the knowledge you shared with us and the conversation at dinner. I will miss it all. I spent one week living in such a healthy way. I will do my best to keep all the great habits: eating vegetarian, or less meat, meditate when I can and I will even try to fast!

 I leave your guys with a lot of memories, but as we said in our speech, it is not a goodbye but a sampai nanti!

I will definitely come back!

I love you all so much

Big kisses from sister Ana

Ps. Next time I will teach you guys how to braid your hair like mine

And bring chocolate from Belgium!

Lots of love 31/10/2022

Sister Ayla

Sister Catherine


Dear Didi’s and dear kids,

Even though our stay here was short, you reminded us of some very important values about love, caring, respect, happiness, health….. It was so heartwarming to see you live all together in harmony. You have such an interesting way of managing this place with so many children of all ages and so little adults, and it works! It’s so impressive, and I learned a lot out of it. I am very grateful for my time here and thank you from all my heart! Thank you for taking us into your home and experience your culture.

Lots of love


Sister Laurie

Dear house of happiness, Didis and all the children,

Thank you a lot for all your welcome and your smiles. These 10 days with you have taught me a lot. Your optimism, your responsible spirit, your generosity, your spirit of solidarity, your fluency in singing and music have brought me a lot. It’s not just adults who teach children things.

Many moments marked me (football, creative workshops, English tests, moments of fun at yoga, the photo camera, badminton, evening discussion with some of you…) but one particular made me smile it was when we all went to the beach together, it reminded me of a scene from the cartoon Peter pan, with an army of children I’m single life, going to the beach.

Like Peter Pan, remember to always keep your child’s soul, and always have fun, even older! Stay as you are, each with your talent, your personality. I saw in each of you someone special. I love you a lot!

1.       Don’t lose the UNO game!!

2.       2. I brought you ice cream todayJ

3.       As Wirata Rings says: Ohaaa oheeeee