Home Of Infinite Love

Narayan Seva... a Children‘s Home based in Bali. Founded in 2004, it has the mission to provide a loving home, holistic education and practical skills for marginalized and disadvantaged children. Because every child is different, it will be encouraged in their individual interests and talents.

At Narayan Seva Children‘s Home, the children are living in a self-organized, self- sufficient and neo-humanistic way. For good physical and mental health, they are educated in Yoga Asana and meditation. 

Due to a proper respect and use of natural resources, Narayan Seva provides their own drinking water, solar energy, biogas and vegetables. But they still have to buy supplements from the local market. All food provided is lacto-vegetarian food – free from onions, garlic, eggs and mushrooms.

The main purpose of our project is to communicate the importance of spirituality and morality as the basis of human life. We believe the goal of life is self realization, which can only be achieved through spiritual practices. However, without a healthy society based on universal love and morality, we cannot practice spirituality properly. That’s why we feel the spirituality is essential. By living a spiritual life one can strive to be free of selfishness and to help remove the suffering of others, which in turn will progress the notion of universal love.

Narayan Seva started various projects and activities in response to this belief – one of them is our Children's Home.

We now have 85 children in our home.

By living a spiritual life 

one can strive to be free of selfishness 

and to help remove the suffering of others, 

which in turn will progress the notion of universal love.

Liberation of self and service to humanity


As Neo-Humanists, Narayan Seva believes in a responsibility to the entire living world and universal love. With benevolent aims, Neo-Humanist Education inspires proper respect and use of natural resources. In this way the children learn how to extend their love and care towards all the creatures living  on this world. By following the natural way of life, the children become healthier, gain strength in character and acquire academic skills and knowledge.