Baukje's Family

(From Netherlands)

Dear Beautiful all,

We feel very blessed to have been able to be part of your special family. We’ve really enjoyed our time here. And it won’t be the last time we’ve been here. Thank you so much for sharing all your love and care.

We’ve came here to bring some of our toys and clothes and honestly I think we learn with so much more we’ve came here with. Thank you so much, we’ll see each other again! Lots of love

Gys, Baukje, Silke, Mand. - Green School


Brother Francisco  From Italy- Australia 

Namaskar Everyone

This is my third time I stayed at Narayan Seva Children’s home. Every time is a very fulfilling and soulful experience. Some children I met last year already left and some new ones came. This is one of the many reminders that show how thing always change, except for Love. Love stays and in this place it can be felt deeply. This is why I keep coming back and I possibly will come again.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and my best wishes for everyone’s dream to become true. 

Until next time

Brother Francisco 


Brother Paolo

Gioachino , Damiano

From Italy ( 8 - 12/4/2024)

We have been so blessed to spend this time here with you, feeling the joy, love, energy and craziness of you all. Damiano and Gioachino were so happy to be able to play all day with you, and you have been all so caring with them and with me. We will be back to have more life with you. 


Paolo, Gioachino , Damiano

Brother Markus, Sister Joana and Pia

From Germany, Spain, Germany-Spain

Sister Sofia, Maria, Javi

From Chile ( 4/3/2024 - 28/3/2024)

Thank you for Cooperating Volunteers organization❤️

Sister Joana & Pia

From Spain & Germany

I love this experience. It’s nice to see the kids happy all together. It’s beautiful to be here because they are willing to help always and super nice.

Sister Pia, 9 years old.

Namaskar dear anak-anak and didis.

I will leave this place with my heart full of joy and happiness. The smiling faces of the children and the joyful screams of “sister”, “sister” everywhere, will keep me company for all my life.

It has been a wonderful realization to see what a beautiful place you have created here and how happiness can be found in the little things if you have learnt to appreciate them.

We come here to lend a hand and try to teach some English to the children, but there are so many things that we have learnt ourselves.

From the bottom of our heart.


See you soon again

Sister Joana (Pia's Mother), Jan 20, 2024

Sister Kim

From Vietnam & USA

Dear beloved Didi’s & wonderful children

I feel deeply grateful to have known you all & to get to stay with you all for the last short & memorable three days. I am already planning on coming back. There are so many things I am learning from the beautiful environment & from each and everyone of you didis & the children. Most of all, it is an incredible reminder of living in the present moment coz it is the only thing that matters & that is where the power comes from you all have inspired me beyond words.

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart.

See you all very soon

Kim (from Canggu), Jan 14,2024