Celebrates 20th Anniversary Narayan Seva Children's Home

Golden Hour: Embracing the precious moment.

The 20th anniversary celebrations of Narayan Seva Children's Home, held from June 14th to 16th, 2024, 

were a resounding success filled with meaningful activities.

On June 14th, the festivities kicked off early as children gathered for prayers before embarking on a leisurely walk to Kerobokan Beach. There, they engaged in community service by cleaning up plastic waste along the shore. After a well-deserved break with snacks and refreshments, they enjoyed an hour of exciting games before heading back for breakfast. The day continued with spirited competitions like karaoke, quizzes, and creative displays, all organized by dedicated groups of children, leaving everyone thoroughly delighted.

June 15th continuation of activities with a focus on social service and health checks. Starting at 9 am, elderly members of Kerobokan and Penarukan Villages received essential supplies and health assessments, supported by medical teams from Paramasiddhi Hospital and the SFC foundation. The day concluded with preparations for the main event on June 16th, ensuring everything was set for the grand celebration.

June 16th began early with children preparing for cooking and morning rituals, including Kiirtan and cleaning the newly inaugurated building. The highlight of the morning was Akhanda Kirtan, attended by children, Margiis, and others, coinciding with a blood donation drive that collected 31 bags of blood. The day progressed with a lively event featuring traditional rituals, tumpeng cutting, balloon releases, and entertainment showcasing talents from both the Children's Home and external participants. The evening culminated in a joyful dinner, shared moments captured in photographs, and dancing, marking the heartfelt conclusion of this memorable anniversary celebration.

We extend our gratitude to Baba for His blessings, to all who supported us, and to the extended Narayan Seva Children's Home family whose dedication made this event a triumph of joy and harmony.

Our new kitchen, dining area and Girl's bathroom

Our new kitchen, dining area and Girl's bathroom have been completed within a month's time. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the children, parents, and generous donors whose contributions made this project possible."


Congratulations to our graduates 🎉

Congratulations to all who have completed 12 years of compulsory education! Wahyu, Sandi, Dede, Putri, Purnadeva, Vidya, Rani.  It's great to hear that some are continuing their studies while others are pursuing work. It's truly a moment to celebrate everyone's achievements. Keep up the amazing work and support each other as you move forward towards a bright future! 19/6/2024

Congratulation to our new graduates!

Eight high school graduates are embarking on diverse career paths. Ngurah is pursuing architecture, Yogendra is diving into the world of automobiles, while Punam, Sari Jam, Laghima, Suci, and Sarita are venturing into the field of accounting. Malati, on the other hand, is exploring the realm of multimedia. Each one is poised to make their mark in their chosen field."


New bunk bed with mattresses and fan

Sister Carman and Brother Gary visited our home in December of 2023 and offered to help with one of the most valuable materials for children. The 30 iron bunk beds with  mattresses and 20 heavy duty fans for the children of Narayan Seva. We were so grateful for the generous donation. The children are very happy and we will forever remember your kind hearts for this great support❤️. 


Achieving "A" accreditation from the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic Indonesia.🥳

  At the end of 2023, Narayan Seva Orphanage has carried out re-accreditation and succeeded in achieving the title of "A" (Very Good) Accreditation from the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic Indonesia. This accreditation is carried out every 5 years, in 2018 for the first time We took part in accreditation and also received a predicate (A) Very good. God's blessing, cooperation and our hard work here this year we can still maintain good quality. This accreditation aims to improve nursing home services.  Good service will be increase public trust in the orphanage.  Good internal and external service, financial transparency, adequate infrastructure, etc. will be better monitored the existence of this accreditation. Obtaining "A" accreditation is not easy and requires the involvement of various parties. Achieving "A" accreditation is recognition of the quality of services provided, as well LKSA's contribution and responsibility to society.  Various stages and processes. We have gone a long way, starting from completing the administration of the Institute, registration with the Agency National Accreditation (BAN), accreditation assistance, Auditor assessor visits.  With everything efforts and prayers, finally we were able to get satisfactory results. Submission the certificate was carried out online on January 11, 2024 by the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic Indonesia.

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