News updates 2023 

Achira and Rashmi 

Congratulations to Rashmi and Achira 

Rashmi And Achira have completed university level with a Diploma 3 years major in Computerized Accounting at GANESHA GURU POLITEKNIK Singaraja on 29 October 2023.🥳

They graduate not just as ordinary graduates. Rashmi, became the best graduate at the XVth graduation in 2023 with a GPA of 3.74! Of course, that is something we are proud of.🤩

Learning outcomes and achievements are things that are obtained from perseverance. Hopefully the knowledge will be useful for the future and will be able to provide motivation for the younger one.

Thank you for all the prayer, financial and other forms of support from various parties.😘 Without the support of good-hearted people, we wouldn't have reached this point. 

May everyone always be in God's protection and live happily.

Let's go hand to hand to establish Indonesia's golden generation. Who knows, one day our children will become president. 

Wise people say "dream as high as the sky, reach it with prayer and effort" believe that we will achieve it.


Planet Rangers International Camp: Bali 2023

March 3-7, 2023

Jackson & Nita

Experience during the camp by Nita

My experience during the camp, first I would like to say thanks for the opportunities all given to me because that was a special moment that I realize not everyone has in their life.

Since the first day I joined it I was so excited even though we have to walk a long way. But it was so nice. We enjoyed the wonderful view, cold and fresh water at the water slide together. A moment that I will never forget is when all of us should jump down into the water. One brother I can't remember his name. He thought that he can't jump, but other people trust him if he can do it. After he fought with his fear and all the support, finally he jumped and was done. It nicely breaks his limit and doubt at that time. And I learned that we will if we think we can, don't let our mind make the limit just keep trying, other people can, why not? During the camp at Narayan Seva we shared many things to spend the time together. It was so pretty and I feel like I have more father and mother from abroad. It was the most unforgettable moment I have ever had and I know how lucky I’m to be here, to be part of this big family and that big opportunity thank you.

Papa John & Mama Susan and their two daughters (Jenny and Emily) first came to Narayan Seva in 2010. Since then they have been visiting us every year. And for 6 years they have been organizing international youth camps with us. John inspires and brings the American families to Narayan Seva. Each time 5 to 6 families join him with their kids it gets around 24 people for camp. Camp is divided into 2 parts. One part is for kids and the other part is for parents.

During camp we have many challenges, games, outgoing trips, celebrating birthdays with lots of fun activities with yoga, dance and meditation and storytelling. This camp lasts for 4 days.

New play area: we move the playground and extended the play area for kids to play, study, and chating:)

A New unique Bottle for Narayan water