News 2022 

We have okra, red long beans, luffa, bottle gourd, chili, bananas, eggplants, and many more vegetables from organic farm and Hydropronic farming.

New boy's room& new kitchen

News on Neohumanist College (NHC)

Neohumanist College (NHC) is a network of colleges and institutions that offer hybrid education of online learning and onsite mentoring. 


Yoga classes run by Miira: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5pm.Please join us!

Six girls has enter in the university.

This  year we have 6 young girls who has enter in the university .Sekar and Listia both in blue jacket are in the faculty of account. Eka and Divya is in yellow jacket they both has taken English literature. Nita is in maroon and in middle her subject cultural tourism.  Usha's subject is Law .she is in maroon and in the right . Thank you very much for all your very kind and genuine support . 

12 girls graduated from Senior High School

12 girls graduated from Senior High School this year.  Six girls are continued their higher study in university. 2 girls went to help service project in Jambi. Another 4 girls are working in Denpasar.

 Celebration of 18th anniversery 

In June we have celebrated 18th anniversery of Narayana Seva with the members of our foundation and sympathizers.

Independence day of Indonesia

17 August independence day of Indonesia. Was celebrated by local community in our village our kids join them by performing Dance and yoga. 

Yuktesh and Narayan

On 8th May 2021 a new born baby boy was brought to our home, His Name is Yuktesh. And on 12 August 2021 Another one came his name is Narayan.