Sister Lori from France

It’s the time that squeezes my heart, the time to say goodbye. And it’s always hard to write to people because no word can express how grateful I am for these 2 months. I am grateful for your laughter, for your smiles, for your hugs, for your jokes even if most of the time I don’t understand them. I am grateful for the face you do when you don’t understand me, for your attention and inattention during the English classes, I really enjoyed teaching. I am grateful for your faces in the morning, for the early swimming. I am grateful for listening your voices raised during prayers, every time it made me feel something I cannot describe. I am also grateful for your tears. I am grateful because some of you shared their stories, their feelings and their thoughts and it’s for me one of the most beautiful things in life, just listening. I would love that you see yourself as I see you, you are beautiful, talented, clever and loving children, teenagers and young adults, you just don’t realize it. I know you paths can be full of gentleness, I hope they will be. If you always follow what you have inside, if you always spread kindness and to understand who you are, your life will be beautiful.

I cannot tell you “Sampai nanti”, I don’t want to make a promise I’m not sure to be able to keep. But I hope one day my life will bring me back here to see what kind of humans you become and see the new little faces that ended up in this home. To finish this long text, I want to say thank you to the Didis and Mira, what you created here and how you keep giving time and love to all the children, but also to the guest and volunteers, inspire me. You make this world a better world. Thanks for showing me it’s possible.

All my love. Namaskar. Lori (Nori). 19/10/2023

Sister Carlotta 

From Germany


First of all, I would like to thank you for welcoming me at this place for the last weeks. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, but it’s already the time for me to leave and say goodbye. From the first minute here I was welcomed directly and felt the love and kindness of this place. 

Didis, I really admire what you are doing here and the way you are doing it. Thanks for creating this beautiful place and allowing me to be a part of it for some time. You do such a gread job with the children and how much effort and love you put into the home. I would also like to thank the children (all the brothers and sisters) here who have welcomed me with so much love and kindness as no one has ever done before. I will miss your hugs, your kindness, your loving compliments (which I can only give back), your smiles and your good humor. The way you treat each other with so much love and how you take care is so special to me.

Thanks for the great experience and the chance to stay here. I will never forget you and I hove that I will come back soon!

Lots of love, Sister Carlotta. September 7-24,2023

Sister Sophie

From Germany


It was amazing to come back to my family here in Bali-Narayan Seva. It has been 10 months since my last visit but as soon as I entered the gate and saw the first of you again it feels like I was never gone … the same happy faces, lovely smiles, warm hug-my heart was directly full of love. It’s so nice to see you growing up, becoming teenagers and young adults and following your dreams. I am once again impressed by your positive attitude, talents and the way you take care of each other. You already have so much that a lot of people are lacking. I believe in all of you and wish you bless the love. My favorite moment this time was our little women circle-you are all amazing!!

My first time here was the start of something big-I learned so much about the important things in life. That’s why it is so special to come back to this place-you will always leave a special place in my heart.

Thank you for laughing, studying, crying, singing and playing with me ☺

Once again I say SAMPAI NANTI

Much much love to you

Sister Sophie September 8, 2023

Brother Francesco

From Italy


I could write many words about this time shared together and yet not being able to express all I woukd like to say in full about this most valuable experience. Maybe just the finest poet would be able to find the right words so I will keep this simple:

Thank you for welcoming me in your home and letting me stay at NS, thank you for letting me teach you and learn from you, thank you for showing me the graciousness of your living style and let me be part of it, thank you for all the casual talks and laughs we had during these days, thank you for the everyday meals and treats you shared with me, thank you for taking me out to find taro milk and fresh juices, thank you for all the forms of your kindness and support, thank you for reminding with your words and daily attitude that happiness is within you, thank you for sharing your amazing talents and skills through all the performances you did during your celebrations, thank you for all the work you do every day to keep this place beautiful, peaceful and clean. Thanks to all Didis, sister Mira, Ibu and all the adults who work hard and cooperate to keep NS going and growing.

Finally thank you for your big smiles, your warmth and your affection.  I  will bring it in my heart and never forget.

Staying at Narrayan Seva has been one of the best experiences of my life and I feel it had a strong positive impact on me. I am sure that I will come back and that our lives will pass cross again somehow.

In the meantime make sure you all keep up with believing in your dreams, so that one day will become true. I wish you all the best.

Sampai Jumpa Lagi

Brother Francesco - July 13, 2023

Papa Nick (Sister Bec's Father from Australia)

Thank you Narayan Seva for my lovely visit. You made me feel so special and welcome. You all feel like my family now. A special thank you to the Didi’s for their kindness and all of their hard work looking after the children. We all thank you for the work you do.

I had so much fun playing with all my new friends, swimming, playing games and singing. I will always remember you and will back to visit as soon as I can. You will always be a part of my family.

Goodbye for now. All my love to you.

Papa Nick

Sister Paulin

from Belgium


Dear Didi’s and dear children,

Or rather “dear mini Didi’s and mini Dada’s”.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly from day 1 and opening up to me so fast.

Thank you for including me in your loving group and teaching me so many things, from what to do during meditation, to teach me some yoga, to tell me what clothes to wear for praying and so on.

Thank you for all those wide and beautiful smiles every day, but also for your tears, for daring to be so vulnerable in front of a stranger like me.

Thank you for taking my English lessons about color and clothes and way too many verbs seriously and to show me your will to learn.

Thank you for always singing along with all of my songs, the “let’s go to the beach di di,

let’s swim in the water” song, drivers license, hold on... and also big thanks to learn me a lot of your songs! All the songs during meditation (I really liked them!!!) and of course the song “Beautiful day”, which has become one of my favorite songs.

Thank you all for introducing me to such a beautiful way of living and such a beautiful way of “being”!

You guys are one by one wonderful! Finally a big big big thank you to the Didi’s for teaching me and all children here, so many wonderful values and such a wonderful lifestyle! I’m really glad that I experienced this!

Thank you to bring me to one of the most heart-warming places!

To end my letter, I still want to say:

- Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

- And never forget, HAKUNA MATATA!!!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Sister Paulin/Popo/Paula 

Stina Andersson 

& Noel

Sister Stina came for the first time alone in 2010 and back here again on Feb 28, 2023 with her son "Noel"🧡.


One month with all of you.
I and Noel are so happy to have shared this time with you all. Even though it is 13 years ago since I was here before, it still feel like the same family.
I am thankful for all of you who trusted me to share your stories, history and dreams.
I have been listening and humble learning more of this big family that we all belong to
in this world.
I am happy to see this place again, to see Didi again. This place have a special and important place in my heart.
I wish you all happiness, that you keep balance in life and big dreams. That you always smile.
I hope I will come back one day and see you all. Then someone have to teach me to drive the motorbike.

Love to you all!



Sister Emilie

from Sweden


Dear Narayan Seva
I'm so thankful that Stina told me about your lovely place.

I felt welcome from the moment I came to your gate. Even though I have only
been here for two weeks it feels much longer and I will miss you all a lot after I’m gone.

Continue to write stories and learn about the world. I hope you will achieve your dreams by study hard (teacher speaking).

I hope to see you again
Thank you so much for your hospitality.



At Miira's School