A once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a difference 

to the lives of children in Bali, Indonesia.

Please help us by spending a part of your Bali holidays 

with these beautiful children. 

Your life will  be changed for the better.

" Many people come here to take,

Let you be the one who is here to give"

Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti


…are always welcome. The volunteers‘ presence by itself helps the children expand their minds.  Just by being with the children at the project, they will learn about different cultures and countries, and begin to understand that we are all from one universal family. They will learn that though we are from different backgrounds, we all come from the same supreme entity.

How you can help:

You can  help the children to learn English and creative thinking through games and art. You will participate in and lead all sorts of activities that will help the children to grow and develop their full potential including drawing, painting, handicrafts, song, dance and playing musical instruments.

Life in Bali @ Our Home


You can expect a pleasant daily temperature of between 20 to 33°C (68-93°F) year-round. From December to March, the west monsoon can bring heavy showers and high humidity, but usually days are sunny and the rains which start during the night pass quickly. From June to September the humidity is low, and it can be quite cool in the evenings. During this time of the year, there is hardly any rain in the coastal areas. 


Indonesian is very similar to Malay. English is not common language, however in the airports and in main tourist areas, generally enough people speak English for non-Indonesian speakers to get around.


The Indonesian currency is the rupiah. Please note that many of the money changers in Indonesia only accept US$ notes from 2003 and newer and generally do not accept notes older then 2001. So don’t bring old notes.

Internet Availability

Free WIFI is available


Our Home is just 1.5 km. from Kerobokan beach! You can have a walk every day with our kids😍


You will enjoy our special healthy vegetarian food, made with Love


We are the role models for the children so we should pay a little attention and awareness for our attitude.

Please use modest clothing, shorts till the knees and shirt that covers the shoulders.

Interested in Volunteering?

Our projects are totally supported by charitable donations and volunteer fees. We use this money for paying the tuition fees of children, office expenses and food. During your stay we ask you to pay according to the length of your stay.

Please kindly make a payment upon your arrival or before. Thank you very much for your support. 

Volunteer program's fees

One month (or less):US$600  

Two weeks 300 US$

One week 175 US$

This covers your food, accommodation and transportation within our project activities. We feel that these fees are fair and reasonable and go directly to supporting the children and our projects. You will be able to see your donation in action 💜🥰

Please write email to ynarayanseva@gmail.com we will send you application form. Thank you very much.